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Straight Rail Chassis

Straight Rail Chassis High Power Density Systems for OEM

Straight Rail chassis alternators for OE chassis designs. Custom designs and conceptual models available.  Revolutionary series of alternators that has a superior power to weight ratio for large OEM chassis.  There's simply nothing quite like it.


Armored Vehicle Power

APS Military, Armored and Uparmored Vehicle Power Systems, DC Generators and APUs

APS systems integration solutions offer complete coverage of power requirements for 14 and 28 volt powered C-link racks, WG, CREW and other heavy power requirements.  For heavy armor, uparmored passenger, security vehicle and limo. Wide range of high output alternators, generators, upconverters and APU products custom integrated into a system for your applications.


Fleet alternators

Fleet and Truck Alternators and Starters
Model # : ATK-6781

OEM replacement alternators and starters and high output versions of 22Si, 24Si, and Brute 270. For dealer service parts, fleets, refrigeration trailers, trucks and big box shippers.  Also small APU starters and alternators.  Long life and durability. 


APUs and Battery Chargers
Model # : APS  160DCH-28

APUs and DC portable generator sets for 14, 28, 36 and 56 VDC marine, remote telecom, RTT, GBT and charging stations in  severe duty conditions.  Gasoline, propane, diesel, NG powered.


DC Upconverter 

DC to DC UpConverter Systems Solutions for 8-16 VDC input voltage convert to 28 VDC output . 
Model # :
APS 12UP28-40

American Power Systems DC rack mountable up converters offer true 28VDC high power from a wide input voltage range and super high efficiency at loads from 10% to 100% of rated capacity. Recommended for avionics, transceivers, power amplifier kits, comm equipment rack in fixed installations, command posts, TOC, communication vehicles, boat and mobile power applications.


Bus, Transit, E/F and GM Cutaway Chassis Power Systems

Applications guide.  A revolution in performance and reliability for large bus and cutaway series OEM installs. Tour bus dual T1 setups. Ford Smart Charge PCM, and GM RVC compatible. Outperforms all other alternators by 100 amps on the top end, with superior idle power for heavy loads.


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